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    I have nokia 6200, and i have been getting static in my phone (sound dropping in and out etc) that's not due to bad reception. My phone is still on the warranty and I have a choice to send it directly to manufacturer or to send it to ATT to fix it. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with either one, and where is it better to send my phone. I am actually hoping that they will just replace it, and maybe i'll get lucky and get a newer model (cause I hate my phone).


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    with at&t they will send you a phone(usally the same one refurbished) for free with return shipping paid after you get the phone you send back the old one so your not left without a phone, while nokia, you pay to send it in they check the phone, if it fixable they'll send it back to you fixed if not they'll send you a refurbished phone( you dont get a replacement while your phone is sent in)

    note: if you voided the warrenty in any way these options wont work

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