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    I am really interested in this phone. Anyone with this phone, can you please state the pros and cons of it?

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    Pros - 1 Megapixel camera with 4x zoom and 10 mins video recording.
    Clear and bright screen.
    Symbian OS; Series 60
    The use of new 64MB RS-MMC.*
    Sleek design.
    Unique keypad layout which works really well and is really easy to use (don't be deceived by the complicated look of the keypad).
    Got rid of the joystick and replaced it with the 4-way directional keypad (some may have liked how the 6600's joystick so it's only my opinion).
    Slimmer than the 6600. (It's one of the smallest symbian phone)

    Cons - Mono speakers as well as headset.
    Lack of infrared (but with the pop-port and USB cable provided, there isn't really much need for infrared anyway).
    Lack of radio.
    Use of RS-MMC (as the reduced size mmc is relatively new, it is rare and more costly compared to the current MMC used in phones like 6600 and 3660)
    Fingerprints smudges alot on the back/red;brown Xpress on cover, which makes it look really bad and keypad can be slippery bcuz of that.
    Music never looked this Good

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