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    I just purchased a 6230 and have many problem with GPRS.
    The Phone came with GPRS setting from Malaysia.
    Does anybody know how to remove these settings?
    I received from the Nokia web site setting for ATTW but they do not work. I get an error - no server available.
    I also downloaded the MMS setting, and they also do not work.
    only the e-mail setting that I downloaded work.

    Any advice..........

    my phone has a 03.15 firmware dated 17-03-2004 RH 12 (???) and GSM P1.1

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    Hey, dis means da GPRS settings arn't activated on ur sim card! u need to ring ur operator and get dem to activate ur GPRS! And thats it

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    i have a 6230 bought in uk using in uk on 'o2' and my wap/gprs doesnt work

    ive spent a lot of money on customer services, got settings sent to me from o2 and nokia, still no luck

    can any1 help?

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