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    Hello all,

    I hope that I am posting in this in the right section. I was originally going to post in the newsgroups, but I have no clue as to what I am doing. So here goes.

    As I said, I am a complete newbie when it comes to cell phones. But I have finally gotten one of my own now as part of a family plan. My sister has the 3200 and I have the 3120. But we're both perplexed by the same problem. How do we get our phones to vibrate instead of ring? We've gone through the instruction manuals several times, checked online and search various forums, including this one, for aid but with no results. We've made sure the "vibrate alert" function is on, we've tried adjusting the profiles including silent, we've tried turning off the ringer, we've turned the volume down real low. But nothing seems to work. Before you start to help me, let me confirm a few points first:

    a) these phones DO NOT require a special vibrating battery
    b) when turning off the 'vibrate alert' feature, there should be a beep and when turning it on, there should be no sound or movement.

    If these two points are correct, then I am really confused. Is there some special box I'm supposed to check or did I just have terrible luck and get 2 lemons?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 3200 & 3120 vibrate help for newbie

    First ting i have to say is Dont have the phone chargin wile tryin da vribrate!!!!! Da vibrator is disabled wile da fone is chargin!!

    If you havnt had ur fone chargin,try dis (for da 3200)

    Change your profile Silent to da following!
    Icoming call alert - off
    Ringing tone - Nokia tune
    Ringing volume - Level 1
    Vibrating alert - On
    Message alert tone - Off
    Keypad tones - Off
    Warning tones - Off
    Alert for - All calls
    Profile name - Silent

    Originally posted by phoenix6666
    b) when turning off the 'vibrate alert' feature, there should be a beep and when turning it on, there should be no sound or movement..
    When enabling da vibration u should get a quick vibration from da fone! and yes disabling u get a beep!

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