I just got a Nokia DKU-5 usb data cable I ordered on Ebay that came with the Nokia PC Suite software and drivers on cd. My wife has a Nokia 6560 and I wanted to be able to install some ringtones and wallpaper to her phone via data cable since the service provider we use is a small town business and does not offer web services at this time.

I followed the instructions as best as I knew how to install the usb-serial bridge driver and the usb driver, restart pc and so on on the wife's XP laptop. After about ten attempts and trying different things to get XP to use the cd's drivers or get XP to update to the cd's drivers I gave up with the same final result. A "unknown usb device" in the device manager and a popup notification every time I connected the cable to the pc usb port that the USB device had "malfunctioned".

So today I tried it on my dual boot pc running ME/XP on two seperate harddrives and had the exact same results. So I call Nokia for help to get the cable installed. Within 5 minutes their "final answer" was that since the cable had "made in china" written on the usb end, it could not possibly work with her 6560 phone. He went on to say that the chinese fail to build the usb end of the cable with the proper electronics for it to work with American use Nokia phones. I don't know if that was a cop out not to give support for someone elses product but he sure got the "not working" part right.

I tried USB drivers from the Nokia site as well with the same errors. Can anyone tell me if they have a similar chinese DKU-5 data cable and how did you get it to work, or did I throw away about 15.00 bucks.

Tried to keep it short but provide enough details.

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