I have two questions:
I have a Nokia 6340i. The Gait phone. I really like it since I need to have coverage in the boonies of Texas where there is no GSM. The provider is Cingular.
1. Now a while ago the rubber cover from that switch-on button at the top fell off. Where can I get a cheap replacement? Do these aftermarket faceplates come with it?
I want to keep that phone for two reasons:
- I need the Gait capability
- I have a car kit installed. The cark-91US which does NOT work with all the new phones.

2. I want to buy a second GSM Phone. A Prepaid phone. But I need to have the possibility to swap SIM cards.
That means running my 6340i on a Prepaid card and the phone that came with the Prepaid card needs to work with my regular SIM card.

The reason is: When we are in town I want to use my phone (the 6340i) with the Prepaid in my car with the car kit.
My wife uses the phone much more than I do and would get the contract car in some other phone. When we are heading out of town I would take the the contract SIM and put back in my phone to have the car kit and the gait capability. Sounds complicated.
Basically I want to use the 6340i with either a contract card or a Prepaid card.
And I want second phone where I can plug in the Contract card.

Why not take a family plan? I do not use my phone for more than 20 or 30 minutes a month. So paying $20 extra for the second phone is too much. $20 every 90 days for the Prepaid ist just acceptable.

What are the chances?
The Prepaid phone is probably locked for the Prepaid card. Are there reliable web pages that privide information how to unlock?

Is there a chance to buy a Prepaid card only without a phone? Just getting the SIM card without paying for a phone?
I still have an older US GSM phone at home which works fine with Prepaid cards.
I am from Europe where you can buy Prepaid SIM cards on ebay. Here I have only seen the refill cards.

Any advice?


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