I bought an Acura TL a year ago. It includes what Acura refers to as "Hands Free Link" that, via Bluetooth, enables the driver to make calls over the cars sound system. Unfortunately, the Acura dealer who sold me the car didn't bother to mention that Bluetooth is a hit or miss thing. Now, on their website, there is a list of phones that work with the TL's HFL, and the 6620 is not one of them. I tried pairing the TL and th 6620 together and, or course, it didn't work. I waited a long time for a Bluetooth-equipped phone and, when I saw the 6620, I had to have it. I contacted Acura and, or course, they were of absolutely no help.

I tried to phone Nokia help today and couldn't get through. I was wondering if there was a firmware update available for the 6620 that would possibly work. I considered returning the phone, but I really like it and don't think that Cingular would give me an exchange.

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