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    We all know that nokia have all these new "folding phones" i.e. flip phones and some look real cool and all that, yeah,but when is nokia going to release one that has all the functions of an all round phone like the 6230 plus all those that are being offered in the flip phone series? Because I love the 6230 personally I think it's the best phone nokia has released but I'd also like to have a flip phone without having to sacrifice let's say fm radio or mp3 capabilties. With other electronics newer models improve their funcitions not add new ones and take some of the older ones out for sacrifice! What do you fellows think?

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    Well, I personally think almost all Nokia phones are insanely ugly :P But I'm pretty sure you can still use mp3 and *a* radio with them, they're just not built it. If they're on the Series 60 then there's a lot of mp3 style progs for them (UltraMP3, OggPlay, etc.) and you can listen to a radio through WAP if you like.

    God do I hate Nokia designs

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