I posted this in another forum, but it probably better belongs in here...

I recently picked up a shiny new 2650 but I'm having a little trouble finding what kind of data cable I need for it. The nokia website doesn't have a cable listed for it, and when I ask in stores no one has a clue. Would anyone be able to tell me what kind of cable I would need to hook my 2650 up to my PC, or even if it's possible yet?

Secondly, I've been using WAP to get tones and wallpapers to my phone. I've set myself up a small website that I use to connect to via my phone to download these items. I'm having trouble getting logo downloading to work though. I've tried a few different sites, including a few links from these forums, but none of them work. I'm not too sure what the specific file format the logos need to be in for the phone to download them via WAP, but all that I've tried so far have failed.

I've been trying to get myself a blank logo, but with little success. I've even tried just going to www.blueskyfrog.com.au and buying one, but my phone model isn't in the supported list

So does anyone else have a 2650 and have managed to get logos onto their phone? Or does anyone at least know how to? Does anyone know if a cable exists that I can use for my phone?

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