Lately I happen to play a mobile game in one of the Siemens phone S55.The name of the game was WAPPO.Fantastic game.I had never in my mind thought that a mobile game could be as interesting as a PC game.When I searched about this game in google there arised several forums discussing on how to play this game,created by it's players.From this site I came to know that the game has 125 levels.Can you believe it.... a mobile game has 125 levels.... that too a color game .The game was so addictive.It's a puzzle based adventure game.I was in search of the vendors of this game.The vendor is a company called SOFTEXDIGITAL .
I also played another game called SEABATTLE in one of the Siemen's phone.This was my first ever multiplayer game that I played on a mobile device.I loved it cos here I was playing multiplayer game sitting in a park with a person whom I do not know.Great.The game uses Bluetooth.When I actually searched for the vendors amazingly I found out both these games were created by the same vendor.

In this site I found several games and applications developed by them.
TOOOOO bad that they do not have downloads for at least a demo versions.From what I have seen, I would like to try all their game if it is possible(wappo was just too superb).But sad they come pre-installed only in Siemens phones.will have to download it from the Siemens server using GPRS in the phone.I could not resist myself and I did just that.I am enjoying WAPPO and many other games at the moment .I have just reached the 16th level of wappo.I wonder if there are any multi player games for Nokia.Help me out guys.Because I have entered into mobile gaming very recently.And also forgive me any stupid comments due to my ignorance.I have a Nokia Engage QD with me.It has got bluetooth but I have no multi player games to play..........
The site that I visited gave me information about a game ,a scrolling game, called Eric.ButI have no idea how I could get to play it.........With all prayers for the mobile gaming development .
Jack Hunt.

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