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    I was recently given my brothers old 8210e mobile whick is locked to the orange (uk) network as it was originally on a contract.

    As I have a t-mobile payg sim I have spent some time trying to unlock it.

    I understand there are four possible nokia locks and have obtained codes for locks 1 and 2 from crux's software and got the same codes from a free online service.

    when I entered these codes they say the sim is now unrestricted.

    excellent I thought! but no
    Now the phone does actually accept the t-mobile sim and i can scroll through the menus etc but it will not find any network either manually or auto.. It says "no network found"

    I do not have any other network sim to test it with but my one works fine in other phones.

    Any pointers to what i might try next would be much appreciated

    thanks jk

    nokia 8210e v5.28 24.05.01 nsm-3

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    you should see when you enter the code SIM RESTRICTION OFF not SIM IS NOW UNRESTRICTED. that might be the problem. if you can send me a PM i can give you the right code for that phone.

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