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    Whenever i get sent a 'multipart' text message (i.e. 2 or more messages linked together), my phone will beep as it recieves the first part, then show a progress bar that says "updating" as the next parts arrive.
    as the final part arrives, the message appears blank, and wont display until i reboot the phone. even then, the message will usually say "*some text missing*" at the end.
    I have upgraded my software to Ver4.44, but the problem persists.
    I cannot get an answer to this problem. Anyone out there with a solution?

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    that is not a problem of you phone. your service provider have to blame for this. t-mobile is good when sending a txt messege over 160 character. at&t and cingular are not so good in this situation.

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    Re: Nokia 6230 *Some Text Missing*

    HI there,

    I am administrator of web-to-mobile sms service website (smskarona.com) and we frequently get this " *some text missing* " query.

    We we have not been able to officially verify this problem but one thing that is common with all the users complaining about it, is that they are all Nokia users.

    We have tested this and there seems to be no problem with mobile phone other than Nokia. They all seems to be receiving sms normally. so I guess there is no problem with the cellular operator or anything other than the --nokia-- mobile itself.

    The problem is not experienced with the E series of Nokia(again can't claim for sure).

    it seems that nokia mobile display/notify 'sms received' even before it is completely downloaded and forgets where to append the part of message it receives ofter the sms is opened for reading.

    Other mobiles wait a while before notifying receiving of sms, may be because they wait till the whole sms is downloaded.

    You can verify my claim and post


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