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    Hi all, I'm looking for some (any) help.
    I bought a Nokia 3595 cell off of Ebay. The guy who was selling it said it was unlocked. Turned out it wasn't. All that comes up is it asking for a *Registration Code*. I asked at the local cell repair shop and they told me I would have to send it in to get re-booted. Problem is, I live in Canada. I emailed Nokia Canada and they said they won't even touch it because it is a US phone. They will send it right back without fixing it for me.
    Is there any way I can reboot it myself, or have I just wasted my time and money on this?
    I really like this phone, I have a friend with one and was REALLY looking forward to using it.
    Thanks for any help.

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    unlock you phone. there's a lot of site that you can unlock your phone. try this site www.unlock123.com

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