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    Does anyone know how to copy the phonebook from a 7250i to a 6230 without using the 'copy to SIM' and 'copy to phone' functions?
    Basically I don't want to copy the phonebook to the sim as I have a lot of entries with long descriptions and I will lose a lot of the info!
    I have a DKU-5 cable which works ok with the 7250i and Nokia PC Suite and I also have a USB-Infrared adapter which should work with the 6230.
    Any ideas how to copy the phonebook from 7250 to 6230?

    Any help gratefully received.

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    if your using Nokia PC suite you should be able to copy the phone content from the 7250i inot the PC.

    Then upload the phonebook file back down into the 6230.

    As long as you have the most up to date PC suite (to detect the 6230) you shouldn'r have any problem. I did something similar last year.

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