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    What is the newest firmware for Nokia 6600 is it the 5.27 ver.What do I get with latest firmware Speed? Please write.
    IF you need help about programs for 6600 just e -mail me about anything. Regards Aleksandar

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    Latest firmware version is 5.27. This is the changelog:

    Changes/improvements made v4.09.1 to v5.27.0


    - User Agent added to Http Post command
    - URL encoding in GET JAR disabled
    - Java application download to MMC
    - DRM files visible in application manager
    - Improvements in java downloading through WAP
    - Improvements in COD and DRM downloading


    - Cookie load/unload case in browser UI corrected
    - Corrections in browser to present operator wap pages correctly
    - Application stability improved when starting streaming via browser
    - Support for php link


    - WBMP supported in MMS
    - MMS presentation improvements
    - MMS forward with SMIL presentation
    - Animated GIF
    - Two slide MMS with image and video clip
    - Jpeg support in email
    - RFM ringing tones added to the list of not forwardable ringing tones
    - SMS case in Chinese variant corrected


    - Interoperability improvements with PDA devices
    - Security improvements against hackers in SDP services
    - Stability with carkit connection improved


    - HTTP transmission optimization


    - Streaming connection handling inprovements


    - Ringtones and warning tones routed to both Bluetooth accessories and integrated handsfree in terminal side
    - Ringing tone improvements when using HDB-5 and HS-3W headsets


    - Video Recorder default file name changed to English in Arabic and Hebrew variants
    - Automatic language feature support more languages
    - Camera help text updated in Chinese variants

    Other changes

    - Speed of opening phonebook application improved when phonebook contains lot of entries
    - Speed of opening calender application is improved when calender contains a lot of notes
    - Power consumption decreased when terminal is in screen saver mode
    - Power consumption decreased when bluetooth accessory connected
    - Ringtone loudness increased when vibra is on to the same level than when vibra is off
    - RMF format added to Closed Content List

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