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    Da Nuke
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    i got a nokia 6100 mobile.( its s40 )
    the problem is that i cant run some games like prince of persia sand of time, by gameloft, in full screen. the game just covers a quarter of my screen.
    any one please help me!
    P.S.: any one wants Gmail, mail me: [email protected].
    Also i need links 2 some cell fone games worthy of being played.

    Thanx in advance.

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    Ben down
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    Wrong versions


    You have installed the wrong versions, this is one of the many problems associated with downloading cracked mobile games: www.thegamesarcade.com has 729 games for the 6100 from just US$3. The Top 10 games for your phone I would highly recomend since I played them all are:

    Ducati Extreme

    moto maniacs

    Micr Golf


    Head Ski Cup 2005

    Conflict Vietnam

    Chips Challenge

    Flynnes Adventures

    Go To Hell

    MB Board Games

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