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    Hi all..
    I'm with "Bell Mobility" here in Canada, and I just asked some service rep off their website what phones are compatible with their network because I wanted to buy a nice phone online (Their in-store ones cost an arm and a leg, or they suck)

    He told me CDMA is what they use, not SIM CARDS

    I was looking at buying the Nokia 6230, but the specs say GSM I think

    Is this compatible with my network? If not, what full featured cell phone (that wont break the bank) would you guys reccomend for CDMA?

    *hoping that this 6230 will be fine*

    thanks guys.

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    nokia 6230 is not cdma. it is gms that compatible with cingular wireless and viaero wireless unless the one you buying is unlock. still, gsm phone don't work with cdma network. gsm have sim card and cdma(code division multiple access) don't have a sim card. if you want a phone that work with both network but its not cheap nokia 6630 that work (wcdma,cdma,gsm) check www.samstores.com www.weltronics.com for the price.

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