I am new here and would like to ask for help. Hope you can give some help to me.

I got connection problem with my cellphone (Nokia 6610) and laptop (ASUS A2S/C). I used to be able to access the internet using those two. However, it's been a week now that I could not access it anymore. When I checked all the modem in my cellphone and also the IRDA in my laptop, they work just fine. And my GPRS also works well. So I just thought it might be from my laptop's setting. AFAIK, I didn't change anything in my laptop, but it's so weird that I could not get connected anymore... I have tried anything but still couldn't get connected.

So, I was hoping if you can help me with this... Maybe I went to a wrong forum, but I dunno where else to ask, hehehe...

thanks so much

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