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    I own a nokia 3595 cell. After I plug-in a nokia headset, the cell always showed that the headset was pluged-in even after unplugin the headset.

    The person at the cell repair shop told me that the problem is not coming from the plug but rather from the program running in the cell.

    I can`t wear and headset set ou earpiece all the time, I serached the forum but with no luck.

    I need help, either rebooting the cell ou flashing the firmware maybe will do the job?

    Please, I thanks you for any help you can give me!

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    This might help

    I got the same phone. Well, you might try this. Go to your menu, then go to accessory settings. Then loopset. There's an option that says " Use loopset" your options on that are yes or no. Select no. I hope that helps. Good luck and if it don't work, in you reply to this message, tell me if the problem continues. Good luck!

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