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    I have a nokia 3120b, and tonight, when I got back home, my phone was showing this message,"insert sim card" or it will say "sim card rejected".It wont let me call out or take phone calls. either. Customer care told me that I would have to take it to the cingular store and have them run the card for any type of problems. He also said on their end, everything was ok and he could not see the reason why this was happening. Its very strange. I hate to wait until morning as I use my phone at night,(cheaper) Anything I can do to fix this annoying problem? I am with cingular. Thank you.

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    unlock your phone! i can help, but you need you to post your imei number (by pressing *#06# on you key pad) go to www.kisland.com click on computer forum and click on gsm forum. where not allowed to post any imei number and code here. see you there!

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