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    Nokia Scrambles To Offer EV-DO Phones

    Korean phone maker SK Teletech today revealed it has signed a preliminary agreement to supply Nokia with CDMA EV-DO phones on an ODM basis. Developed and manufactured by SK Teletech, but branded by Nokia, the phones will allow Nokia to add EV-DO technology to its lineup much faster than it could on its own. The phones are expected to use Qualcomm chips, a major strategy shift for Nokia, which is currently the only major manufacturer to completely avoid Qualcomm, instead creating its own CDMA chips. Nokia's previously-announced strategy was to skip EV-DO technology in favor of EV-DV. Over the past several years, the company has invested heavily in a partnership with STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments to develop EV-DV chipsets, only to find demand for EV-DV evaporating as North American carriers increasingly focus on EV-DO release A technology. Qualcomm recently announced it is shelving plans to offer EV-DV chipsets.

    This was from phonescoop.com
    In English, Nokia was waiting for EV-DV to come out in 2006 with phones coming out at about the same time. They would be EV-DO compatible. EV-DV does not look like it will happen in the US so they are rushing get EV-DO phones out ASAP!

    EV-DO evolution data only or evolution data optimize
    Ev-DV evolution data and voice

    See More: Nokia racing to have EV-DO on CDMA phones
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