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    I need help!!! I can't seem to get the driver installed correctly. I followed the directions to the tee to install it. When I plug in my 6585 AFTER installation, I get nothing except a ping sound from the computer. Nothing recognizes. Does anyone know how to make this thing work?

    Also, I have Windows XP with Service Pack 1 on my computer. Does anyone know which is the correct version of PC Suite to use? I downloaded 6.5 from the nokiausa website but couldn't get it to work either.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


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    So, does anyone have any ideas why this thing won't work? I am sending the cable back for a new one thinking the cable is defective. Hopefully this helps. I don't think the cable is OEM Nokia. Would this make a difference?


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    if you buy a new cellphone specially s40,s60 and symbian i think the cable and cd are already included. my point is you can discover the error message which appered on your pc by reading the installation guide or on your manual. If your phone is GPRS capable, you dont have to use cable and why not infrared. If you can only discover and understand the uses of your GPRS capable phone... ( you can even chat to IRC, immagine you use your phone chatting to others while using thier computers).... Download more applications than games, application like WLIRC.

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