Everyone wants to have a wapsite to visit friends or relatives with thier wap capable fon. I have some sites i know capable on wap hosting and very easy to followa thiere instructions for building a site. ill give you this sites for you to choose which is better and easy to follow thier instructions....
1. mywap.o2.co.uk - you can make wapsite right thru your fon, so you dont have to register or use pc for building a wap... precisely! u can not build a wap site if you dont have an o2 sim. But there is cheat on how to register even without an o2 sim. Be sure you have an email address, coz the password will be send there. sign up, if they prompted you to enter your cellphone number, then close your eyes and guess the number (number which start +44??????????), if you succeeded this, then check the password to your registered email.
2. WAPPY.com - use pc for building a wap site.
3.tagtag.com - best site for wap hosting and wml script. First thing to do so that you can concentrate making your wapsite best to others, download the DOTwap builder. then create site while offline. You must be familliaries all wapsite addressess. (visit http://tagtag.com/budz3510 for wapsite addressess, just bookmark all address you visited frm this site)
6.geocities.com - you can not create wap site here but you can upload wml script. You can create wml script frm dotwap. (i can help on how, just post here if you cant follow.)
7. a lot more......

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