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    Ive researched about as much as I could stand, and am still curious as to what, aside from tracking the physical location of a phone, can someone do with an imei number of a phone.

    The reason I ask is because I was once asked to provide the imei number of my phone, and am considering reporting the person who asked for it.

    Any help would be appreciated, even if its a point in the direction as to where I could find answers myself.


    See More: IMEI question.

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    The first thing is IMEI hi-jacking, where someone will user your IMEI on their phone, wich is never a good thing, since the IMEI is registered to you,With an IMEI someone can ring an operator, report that IMEI as stolen, and then your phone is useless! You shouldnt give out your IMEI unless its for remote locking (on you trust) or for your operator!

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    yes as Mark says you can have your IMEI hijacked however this is not that commen, the only time its ever realy used is when people steal phones and then dont want to have them bared.

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    Mike, treat your IMEI/ESN numbers like you would your social security number.

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    they are placed there for the enjoyment of those who like to point them out.

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