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    what u guys think about the new Nokia 8800?

    purchase yours; Nokia 8800 @ ****

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    Why are you interested?
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    its a good phone, only thing is that its a bit heavy, considering how its made tho, it makes sense
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnynei
    what u guys think about the new Nokia 8800?

    purchase yours; Nokia 8800 @ ****

    The Nokia 8800 has become the latest and greatest fascination to all of us surrounded by high tech gadgets. It is a small wonder packed with numerous applications and functionalities able to aid the average Joe’s needs. Truly unfortunate is that the Nokia 8800 will hardly reach the side pocked of an average Joe and that is simply due to its high price tag. The Nokia 8800 features do not aid the 8800 to be called high tech but rather is small, compact and overly stylish appeal. This is phone that will not promise long battery life, much functionality or memory. Nokia’s 8800 will have an appeal to the higher league crowds, the kind that takes their Ferrari out for a spin on a Sunday afternoon.

    Crowd Pleaser! Babe magnet, guys love it, chicks adore it!

    Poor battery, lower memory capacity (no expansion), Not too friendly keypad

    from http://www.netfreez.com/forum/index.php?topic=40.0

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