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    Anyone ever heard of that site get gifts? Well a while back my friend showed me this site, looked like a scam... You purchase some products and you get free stuff..One of them was nokia 7200. But i was like oh well 40$ , w/e ill try... and i went for it. And 3 days ago i get an e-mail asking for me to chose to either take the value of nokia 7200 or take the phone itself. Ofcourse i was in need of a phone so i chose the phone... I was still sceptic after the e-mail though, i mean anyone can e-mail me... Today a fed ex guy comes to my door with a package, guess what it was ? My new phone!!! I'm still pretty excited and can't get over it.. Today they also added a 60GB ipod , so i purchased that too... Hope i get it. Well i don't wanna advertise anything so i'm not gonna post the link. But i'm so excited just thought i would share my story. If anyone wants to know which site just msg me on msn ghettolt at hotmail dot com . Thanks for everything though, i was close to buying a phone from one of these guys from the forums. If im in need of 1 again, ill come back.

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    thats awesome, I wish I could have had some of your luck when I bought my phones.

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