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    hello ;
    I have a 6230i cell phone, and I have several problems with it such as:
    1- I havent ay toolbar or key for FF/RW clips in media player , and i restore my cell phone to factory default but dont work correctly yet.
    2- When i switch between profiles for example when active meeting profile (with ascending setting) and then active outdoor profile (with ringing and high volume setting) it is ringing with low volume.
    3- When music player start to refresh track list mobile hang and dont work any key(I use a 512 MB MMc for my mobile with microsim mark ).
    4- I havent any option to see pictures full screen .

    Please guide me to solve this problems.

    Habib Alizadeh

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    I have the same phone too and there is no option for fullscreen photoview nor ff/fr in mediaplayer.The only way of seeing o photo full view is by "wallpapering" it (very inconvenient) and there is no way to ff/fr your tracks or videos.If anyone knows how to do the above actions in any way please help...
    Oh and on the "street race" game at the city stage i bumbed into a track while i was finishing and the timer reset to 00:00:00 as a result this is the record of the phone for that stage.Pretty amasing for a record but i want to play the game normally and i cant.Does anyone knows how to reset the record?There is no such option.

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