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    i bought a nokia 6020 through t-mobile in germany, but use US cingular as my phone service. i have been trying to connect to GPRS through the phone, but it is set on the t-mobile settings and i am too technologically inept to figure out how to switch it to Cingular. i have my old cingular phone with all the GPRS account information, but i am not sure what to do with it/where to put it. can anyone help me?

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    Check the following link and get the setting you need for Cingular from Nokia:


    To enter, view and edit the settings manually, press Menu, and select Settings,
    Configuration settings and Personal configuration settings.

    Do you know that 6020 has 2 versions? The one you got from Germany probably come in 900/1800/1900 instead of the normal North America version which is 850/1800/1900. In other word, you can only use 1900 in US.
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