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    Hello New to this so be patient....

    Okay, I have a nokia 3585i, I need to know if it is a GSM phone? I do not see a SIM card, does it have one? I also need to know if it can be unlocked, i guess.

    After all that, here is what i am trying to accomplish. We are going to Canada in a few weeks. Telestial.com has a some kind of chip/SIM card i can get to cut down on the cost of cell fees while in Canada (cost $69.00 and we get $49.00 starter airtime credit). My current cell phone service is Alltel in the USA and they do not have service in Canada, so from what i understand i will be at the disposal of whatever service is there.

    Also, if anyone has a better way to go, please let me know. We will only be there for a long weekend.


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    sounds like you don't have a GSM phone, i think the lack of SIM card indicates that. If I were to make a suggestion in your case, just keep the phone off while you're in Canada Your costs shouldn't be that high if you only turn it on when needing to make a call.

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    $69? buy a motorola 3G a835(its only $70), unlock it, then viola!!!! (u can bring it anywhere around world.)

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