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    Hey everyone, I have a Nokia 6610, and my volume key on the side seems to be broken (at least half of it is), the volume only goes down and the top part of the button doesn't work so the volume is stuck on low. Is there anyway that I can make my calls louder without using the volume keys. I'm pretty sure there is because sometimes I take my unlocked phone out of my backpack and I press some random keys, and the volume "magically" goes up. Odd? o-o; Anyways, I need help! Please! Thanks

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    as far as i know the only way is by the volume keys.
    I don't know any key combination that will change your phone volume level.
    Have you tried to ask NOKIA about it? maybe they'll have a different answer to you.

    Good Luck
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    try opening the phone and c what u can dig, make sure it's clean and in 1 piece, once i got the button stuck and the phone went nuts, i couldn't do anything openthe front and the back,look in the phone's book if not sure how 2

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