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    I serously need help. My Nokia 3600 is having some problems while starting up. I recently upgraded to a nokia 6260 and I was getting my old nokia 3600 ready to give to my g/f. I restored it back to it's factory settings and when it reset itself it displayed the message "App. closed Startup" I clicked ok and the phone seemed fine. However, the menu button does not work now. It makes the noise when you press it bu it will not allow me to access the menu. It also will not display my battery life either. I really liked this phone and I'd like to keep it arround. If anybody has any ideas, I'd be very gratefull.


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    app.closed startup

    hi ,hopefuly you don't nid this any more . but i hade a same problem.after restor got masege app.closed startup.it fix it sellf after i put sim in , power up phone and constentli start pushing hang up botton.never got masege again , it works now .i hope it going to hellp you

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