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    I have a nokia 6610 with the req data cable and i wanted ti disable the operator name, profilename thats displayed on the screen of my cell, i just got the data cable and uploaded sme wallpapers bt its useless since the text is displayed on top of it and anyways the 6610 screens 2 small so how can i disable it, im wonderin if there is sme software to do tht do i have 2 get a sim card reader ?? wts the procedure i also wanna remove the default tones on the cell im sure thers sme software 2 hack in2 the nokia os(symbian i guess) and customise to the max possible extreme...if any1 can help me out wld b nice thx

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    Go to http://colourelliot.mywap.genie.co.uk
    select colour operator logos and then scroll down to transparent!

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