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    Hello everyone,

    Its awsome that we have so many people in here providing help for us. i just joined this forum but have been reading it for a few days.

    Here is my situation...

    I purchased and activated a nokia 6255I with surewest in the sacramento california area.. omg!!! i shoul dhave done more research.. see the problem is that i cannot find ringtones or anything that is allowed in the surewest network.. i dont know if im explaining that right so ill try this way.

    i go to websites to purchase ringtones or songs or whatever they are called.. im interested in the songs ( with words ) not monotone. but when they ask you to select your carrier surewest is not on the list.!!!!

    In the surewest website i show that i can download monotone ringtones ( oldschool) but i want the actuall songs.. i have been reading a little about the data cables or the bluetooth usb adapters, but i cannot find a defenant answere on a few things..
    1: if i purchase a usb bluetooth adapter.. can i install mp3's or songs to the phone and make them a ringtone?

    2: same question but with data cable..

    3: Is there any way to download ringtones to my phone online?

    4: does anyone else have surewest as carrier??

    5: games? same question as 1 and 2 but replace games for the mp3

    in advance i would like to thank whoever is able to give me some answere..

    god bless..

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    Get the bluetooth dongle and Nokia Suite software. Yes you can download MP3's to your phone via bluetooth and make them your ringtone. If you don't already have an mmc flash card installed, the onboard memory is a little sparse (something like 5mb free), but more than enough for several java apps and 30s mp3 ringtones.

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    Re: Nokia 6255i on surewest network

    yes i have that same problem so i have other people send me music through bluetooth or through picture messaging. it this service sucks every website you go to they never have surewest.

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