I cant decide between these two models. What i want primarily from a model is:

Memory Card capability (the more the better ofcourse)
Clear Color Screen

secondarily, these features are also desirable:

Video and Picture Capability
Video and Audio Decoder compatibility
Upgradable and changeable software


the main problem i have is that the 6230i has everything i want, except RealOne player (which sucks but i can get around the problem by recoding the videos on my PC) and a screen that is ok to watch videos and pics. The thing is, i havent actually seen the phones in real life, so i dont know how satisfactory the screen is for watching video and displaying pictures, in terms of size.

on the other hand, the 3230 is cool except from the fact that its half-business and half-fun oriented, and i'm not really into the business part so its shape isnt really comfortable for me since i'm used to phones shaped like the 6230i. It has a great screen, but it lacks the memory capabilities the 6230i has.

is there some other model that overcomes these issues altogether? i like Nokia phones but i would be satisfied with a Sony Ericsson just fine if i had my desired features.

also, are there body glove etc. things for the 6230i and 3230?

i read the features of the models on the nokia homepage, but i'm not sure if they're up to date or completely accurate, mainly because i've read contradicting information on websites i've visited and because on the website it says the 6230i is "coming soon" when its already on the market for some time now.

here are the links for the models:

Nokia 6230i
Nokia 3230

(those are the main pages - just click phone features for details)


should i upgrade my firmware once i get my phone? I've heard there are issues with the versions that come with the phones. Can a firmware update provide capabilities for more memory or more decoding capabilites for video (a.k.a. more codecs)?

so to sum it all up in one question: Which phone will satisfy me best, according to the features i stated above?

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