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    I have a blackberry right now and am thinkign of switching to nokia communicator or motorolla PDa. Anyone try either of these? Does anyone know what us carriers support either of these ? I could not find any of these on tmobile sprint, nextel or cingular websites



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    I have Nokia 9300

    I love this phone - good battery life, range of software and stability of platform and I love the screen and keyboard, I am like a pig in muck. I do surf sometimes but have had trouble with my yahoo mail on the unit(ie I can view emails but not reply, but this may have to d o with my set up, etc.), but I haven;t tried any other email options it is worth checking out a nokia communicator forum like http://my-symbian.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=1
    I am in the uk, so I can't speak for the american carriers. The communicator works for me and I would recommend
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