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    I was given a second-hand Nokia 3595 phone. Powering it up with the SIM card that came with the phone (and the previous owner's AT&T service, now canceled), it says "SIM card registration failed" but the phone still operates off-line. No surprises there.

    I did expect it to work with my own SIM card, which does work with my Cingular service in my Nokia 5190. However, when I put it into the 3595 and power on, it says "Phone restricted [Undo]". When I select "Undo" it prompts "Enter restriction code:". Of course I know such code, so I can't even use the phone off-line.

    What can I do now? I'd really like to use the 3595 with my Cingular service; it's nicer than my 5190 in many ways.

    - Rich

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    i can help you unlock your phone but not here. were not allowed to post any imei number here. here what u gonna do. go to www.kisland.com click on COMPUTER FORUM and click on GSM FORUM. just read what the other member post there and i think im the only one giving the code there. take care.

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    Re: Nokia 3595: Phone restricted

    pls and go code pls pls e-mail [email protected] pls men

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