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    I've had my 6102 for about 10 days now, ordered it online through letstalk. Not a great idea, but what's done is done.

    After about 4 days, the screen started fading out every 4 or 5 seconds- it would fade to white then flash back up. I had carried it in a backpack but hadn't subjected it to any high heat or impacts. After about 2 days of doing that, it went away completely, no sign of it since.

    Today, the phone slipped off my dashboard and fell about 1 foot, hitting my center console. Now the screen is going nuts- the main screen colors are inverted, it's flickering like crazy, and the outer screen doesn't work at all. Unless it magically heals itself like last time, I'll have to send it back to letstalk and get another one or pick a different phone.

    Has anyone else had or heard of problems with the screens on these things? If I'm going to have to wait a week to get my phone exchanged, I'd rather not just get another piece of junk. I'm hoping I just got a bad piece, because I really like it otherwise and already have the data cable and headset for it.

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    I have this phone as well, but the only problems I have with it involve the glossy black that seems to scratch extremely easily. As far as dropping it, as I have many times, it has held its own and I never had that flickering that you speak of whatsoever. Honestly its your call whether to get the phone again or not, but it could also be the place where you order it from that gave you a worthless phone, who knows?
    Edit: I have had this phone for a about a month just so you know.

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