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    We have Nokia 6010. It seems to amplify your voice. My daughter has a rather soft voice. When she talks to me from her phone to my phone she sounds as if she is down in a pipe. No one else sounds that way. She even sounds that way talking on my phone. I hate it because it sounds awful. Could it be because so talks low. I can't figure what the problem is. I wonder if Cingular will let me buy another one. I am thinking about talking to them about it. I don't know what I will do with the one that I have because we just got them 2 months ago.

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    Usually they will let you change the phone if you are unhappy with it within 30 days... I find that Cingular Customer Service people are not the most customer-friendly (to help out in crisis) as I have experienced this week. I just purchased a 6010 (should get today) so I am hoping that the voice quality is not a problem! I will let you know. Could be a defective phone if all calls/voices are sounding "thru the pipe" and not only her voice. If only her voice, then there is your answer.

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