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    I recently purchased a nokia 5140i and have been quite disappointed with the sound quality. There is a noticable "rattle" in the handset earpiece when someone is talking. Thinking the phone may have been faulty, I took it back and exchanged it for a new one of the same handset. I also noticed the same thing on the new one.

    Its kind of like the rattle you hear on damaged speakers. It is more noticable on lower tones of voice. Just to make sure I wasn't hearing things, I put my sim card back in my old nokia 3315, and the sound was noticably clearer, so its not the reception either.

    So i'm just wondering, is it just this type of phone which has poor sound quality? Has anyone else with this phone noticed it also?

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    I dont have any experience with this model, but it sounds like a dodgy speaker, Id take it back again because if you got a new one it could of been from the same faulty batch, like back in the day i got a 3510 and da screen was dodgy, got it replaced 4 times from the same batch,all faulty, waited a while for a new batch to come in and it worked perfect.

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