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    I need the EXACT instructions on how to save the phone memory to SIM. I have a 6010 that has a non-working display but phone still operates.

    I need the exact buttons to press. I.E. Press UPPER RIGHT once, UP seven times, UPPER LEFT twice, etc...


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    go to contact, find COPY and press select, you will see FROM PHONE TO SIM press select, it up to you if you want to save ALL or ONE BY ONE, and if you want to KEEP ORIGINAL or MOVE ORIGINAL. if you choose MOVE ORIGINAL all the number from the phone will be deleted after moving it to sim.

    or press right upper once.
    press down 4 times.
    press upper left once.
    press upper left again once.
    press down one time.
    press upper lelf once.
    press upper left once.
    press upper left again.

    after this all your phone from phone will move to sim card.
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