I am currently using the Moto Razr with Cingular, but I am very interested in the Nokia 6230. I've done a little bit of research on the phone, but I have some questions:

1) Cingular store rep said there were all sorts of problems with the 6230s when they were selling them. Was this just the 6230a version or do the 6230b versions have issues as well?

What is the firmware version where the bugs were fixed (freezing, etc.)? Was it 5.35? If I buy a 6230 and it has older firmware on it, is there a way to get it upgraded?

2) Where would be the best place to buy one where I can guarantee that it will be a b version and have the latest software/firmware?

3) I had a Nokia 3120 for a little while and liked how the backlight/vibrate function was in sync with the ringtone. Does the 6230 have this feature also?


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