Hi, I'm new here, and I have a question which I dont know if any of you will be able to answer with a yes.

I just got a pop port to 3.5mm female jack adapter off ebay, similar to THIS .

There are two things about it. First of all its not stereo. Both channels of the jack plug were connected to the left channel of the pop port conector. I have now re wired it to work in stereo.

The second problem is that I bought this to allow me to use the phone to play MP3's through my car stereo. I also use a bluetooth headset in the car, but this wont work when the pop port adapter is attached.

Is there any way to make the phone think that the pop port adapter isnt there, but still play music through it, so that when the phone rings I can answer it on my bluetooth headset? I noticed that pins 2 and 3 (GND and ACI) of the pop port connector on the adapter are soldered together. If I remove this connection will that make a difference?

I hope someone can help.


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