Alright, first off, I know this probably sounds wasteful and way more work than it's worth, but please ignore the impulses to say "This is a retarded idea", I've heard it before, and it hasn't stopped me yet.

So I have an unlocked T-Mobile Ericsson T610 right now, and a few monthes ago I found a Nokia phone made of Titanium called the Nokia 8910. I'm a serious Ti lover, and I'd love to have a Ti phone. So I looked into it deeper, and found that it was only made for the Asian and Euro regions, and that even if I were to import one it wouldn't work because they use a different frequency. Now I'm trying to find a way around that, and I'm completely willing to mod the phone, even to the point of simply gutting my Ericsson and the Nokia, and putting the Sony internals in the other phones body.

Has anyone really tried this before and succeeded? Is there another way? Maybe changing the frequency to an American one? I'm open to anything right now... please inspire me

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