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    The Nokia 6061 is now free with a two year contract on Cingular's website. I can't find any reviews on the phone because it is new. I really like nokia and I want a flip phone. It's a basic phone with basic features, but that's really all I need. I haven't even been able to find it around town. I did look at the nokia 6102. Maybe it was just the display, but it felt like it was cheaply made.

    Is there anyone out there who has used this phone? What do you think about it? Is the speaker phone anything to get excited about?

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    Re: Cingular's Nokia 6061

    Consumer Cellular sells this phone for $100 - $75= $25
    It has little memory, no user manual to speak of for controlling the phone.
    No way to backup your data/info except using online time.
    Backup addr book to sim card results in duplicate entries in addr book.
    altogether a cheap piece of crap, but it works to make/receive calls.

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