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    Hi guys!

    1. So i got this phone for xmas, and it's very nice and all but i don't see any usb connection like the motorolas(v3 or e815) so it seems like it can't be hacked right? how do i download images, themes, ringtones... etc to it?

    2. What do you reccomend me to do with this phone? (in terms of must do things like downloads etc)

    3. Any tips&tricks?

    4. Any sites that have free stuff for this phone?


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    first you need to go to nokia.com and check out the support for the phone. it will tell you what Nokia pc suit to use with it and what cable you need to download and transfer stuff with. instead of a cable i would get a irda adapter off ebay. thers not alot to hack but there are a few things you can do to this phone

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    Hi, I also got the same phone for X-mas. Are you having problems with AIM or Yahoo instant message on your cell phone. I try to log on an communication error appears or it says try again...has this happen to you..? I'm sure I am not having problems with my password are you or anyone else having this problem my phone is a t-mobile nokia 6101

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