I have a Nokia 6230 and recently bought a 'US TECH' 512 MB rs mmc to store music and pictures etc on my phone, and exchange with my PC. The problem is that the card will not accept any data what-so-ever, i've tried formatting it on two USB2 memory card readers and on the phone, with no joy. It simply will not fomat or accept data. This is the second card I have has as I sent the first one back because I thought it must be faulty. I did receive a new one, but apparantly the first one worked for the person I bought it from.

I have tried the card in another 6230 with the same error, which leads me to think it is not compatible with the phone? I havent had the chance to try it with other nokia models so im unsure whether it is the card or a compatibility issue???

Any help or ideas would be very welcome,


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