Is there a way to make the time display the on the main screen on a 3220 like most cell phones? It's very annoying that now the only time I can see the time is when the screen saver is on - the time sort of bounces around the screen but when teh phone is actually active I just see t-mobile at the top of the screen.

Anotehr question is does anyone knwo if it's possible to change the function of the two buttons to the left of the menu button? Their current functions are useless - one goes to "t-zones" which I would never use and the other is "Goto" which is a big list of crap most of which I don't use. It appears there is not a consolidated incoming/outgoing/missed call list like on motorola phones nad most others but if there is I'd like to know how to access it. If not can I redefine these two buttons, one to be incoming and the other to be outgoing or something like that?


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