Hello all

I got a a Nokia 6016i and am trying to set it up as a dial up modem on Bell Canada network, at moment do not want to use the 1x. I have the CA-42 cable to conect it to my pc running XP.
What i have done:
Drivers from Nokia installed (the one on the disk i got from bell did not work)

Set up a dial out with network conections.

What happens is that it tries to dial out but i keep getting on of two errors Errro 777: the connection attempt failed because the modem (or other connecting device) on the remote computer is out of order

Once i get past that one i get along the lines that the remote computer refused conetion. I even get that if i try to dial my home nuber to test it calling.

I have even tried to use the Dashboard program that i purchased from Bell World but it dose not reconze my phone as being a Bell phone.

This is leaving me perplexed can any one help me please

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