ok random question...

anyone know of any phone from any carrier, that has aim and a web browser enabled...something like the sidekick, but not the sidekick because i heard the sidekick is a terrible phone...t-mobile has bad signal at my house too....so, do you know any phones with AIM + web browser...

.im asking because my sanyo 8200 phone has AIM installed, but i can only see 30 people which sucks, and i heard that on the sidekick you can see your whole buddy list....and also, i went on my friends new verizon LG phone with keyboard, and again....only 30 people!! whats the deal? i cant find any other phones that have AIM that let you see your whole buddy list besides the sidekick?

can anyone help me find a phone that shows you whole AIM buddy list not limited to 30 people or so, dont care what phone or carrier, thanks!

AIM me with the answer if you can, THANKS!

AIM= slow motion

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