I've searched all over the internet and couldn't find any sort of comparison between the American PREPAID (T-Mobile) Nokia 6101 and (Virgin-Mobile) Audiovox 8915 Snapper.

Sure they might not be "worth" comparing to some people but they are for me. I've looked over a dozen of different prepaid cell phones and these seem to be the best options for my price range (around $100). Sure there are plenty of prepaid providers such as Cingular, Verizon, etc. but I'm not looking to spend a $1 a day even if I don't use my phone. So T-mobile and Virgin Mobile seem to be the best options for me.

As I have already explained, I have been debating whether to get the Snapper or the 6101. I decided to go out on a limb and bought the T-mobile To-Go Nokia 6101 the other day from Target for about $118 with my discount card versus the Snapper for $90.

My experience with the 6101 so far:

- sleek design
- colored internal/external screen
- loud ring volume
- nice features (speaker phone, radio, etc.)
- instant messenger
- internal screen is a nice size, good color, okay resolution
- camera/video/voice recorder, nice to know they're there
- t-zone, nice feature with lots of selections
- overall sound is good

- GUI could use some improvement to look nicer
- sure, you get used to the buttons, but could be more user friendly
- nav buttons can be confusing, stiff
- key tone max volume is very low?
- ring tones seem to be too high, almost screechy? maybe to much treble?
- reception is clear, and sounds okay, but volume could be higher
- "flip action" not included, stiff compared to most flip phones
- mini screen display could use bigger font size and better arrangement

What would I like to know?
- voice tag option doesn't seem to work (maybe because itís prepaid?)
- only game demos included (how do you download games?, says not available)
- are there certain limitation because it is prepaid?
- is there some sort of cable to hook up to your computer to upload other features?
- if so, can you upload your own ring tones, music, images, etc.?
- is there a way to change the "T-Mobile" text display on the internal/external display? that's really annoying!
- are there any face plates for this phone?

There are probably tons of aspects to compare, these are just a few:

So what to compare?
- reception (I KNOW! it varies, general)
- speakers (volume, sound quality, speaker phone, etc.)
- camera (quality, etc.)
- memory (space!)
- display (color, resolution, etc.)
- customization (display, wallpaper, screensavers, font size, colors, etc.)
- features (computer hookup, downloadable games, ringtones, etc.)
- plans (prices, rates, etc.)

I am a newbie when it comes to cell phones SO please bear with me.

I know it may be asking a bit much but any sort of personal experience (non-biased) with any of these phones would be great.

I still have time to return the Nokia 6101 so your input might help with my decision.

Also, I know there are other phones out there so please stay on topic and stick to these two.


- Jay

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